Ryan (dorien) wrote,

Radio City

So pretty randomly, I decided to buy a ticket (yes a single ticket) to watch Deathcab for Cutie play at Radio City Music Hall. Luckily I got a great seat in the front center orchestra section in the middle of my row. Go me. I decided not to take my camera because I really would like to spend more time enjoying the performance rather than watch it on a small LCD screen. Nonetheless, I regret not bringing it. haha. Also ran into Aaron who I havent seen in a while..

Anyway this picture from last night courtesy of one Kathryn Yu (I found it on flickr)

It was good show, they played a decent mix of songs, although seemed to favor ones from Plans more than anything(although I was happy to hear The New Year, Title And Registration, Cath, etc) . They did play A Movie Script Ending as one of the four(!) encores. So I was pretty happy. Well worth it.

Afterwards, I hit up Gray's for a Recession Special. Two dogs with kraut and onions and papaya drink (not juice)

Today I checked out Ming's new place at Central Park North and helped her put together her loft bed. Why is it too much for Ikea to add WORDS to their instructions??

Afterwards, went down to 96th n broadway. Got some food from a Taco Truck and chilled on a bench catching up..

Chicken Torta, Beef Steak Gordita, and Horchata. holla.

Random thought: I am not mad at that new Kanye joint (thought I'm not sure how i feel if the entire album will be all vocoder style). And how hilarious/cool is it that Ellen got the exclusive on the video! haha.

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