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Been a while

Wow, its been a rilly long time since I've posted anything. Oh well, life, other parts of the internet, and such have been keeping me busy. So heres a bunch of stuff from way way back, like March and what not:

Brunch at Balthazar:

friez by you.
Norway by you.
FLOR by you.

Followed by Ryan M. at Deitch:
DSC_9150.JPG by you.
DSC_9151.JPG by you.

April begins. Went to Whistler. My third time. Still amazing.
IMG_8469.JPG by you.
IMG_8475.JPG by you.
IMG_8479.JPG by you.

Mae took me to Prune for my birthday :)
DSC_9194.JPG by you.
DSC_9199.JPG by you.
DSC_9200.JPG by you.
Chicago for Christian + Christina's Wedding
DSC_9229.JPG by you.
DSC_9255.JPG by you.
DSC_9541.JPG by you.
DSC_9666.JPG by you.
DSC_9693.JPG by you.
DSC_9718.JPG by you.

Went to Kasadela from Anne's Birthday. Soooo good. Unfortunately no pictures because I was busy enjoying the awesome food. (and I was lazy.)

Then Blue Ribbon Bakery the following day with Eugi.
IMG_8542.JPG by you.
IMG_8546.JPG by you.
IMG_8549.JPG by you.
IMG_8550.JPG by you.

We walked by 10 Downing on the way to the restaurant. Gonna put that on the list.

Flipped the cog on my Langster today. Riding Fixed Gear is interesting. And difficult. And harrowing. And actually kinda fun.

Til next time folks..

DSC_9424.JPG by you.
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